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Earth Grown Kiddoughs

Available In MI, OH, WV

Every KidDough is handcrafted in the USA using the highest quality non-toxic, natural ingredients. They're silky-soft, pliable, and sensationally sensory friendly. Are squishy to the touch without leaving a gritty residue on sensitive little hands. The doughs are easy to model, but also dry-resistant, re-hydratable and can last for hundreds of hours of play. They even wash out of carpet and fabric easily with just warm water!

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New 2024 Doughs

Easter Bunny Dough.jpg


Lemonade Dough Pic.jpg

Summer Releases

Best Sellers

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Squeeze Dough Pic.jpeg

Current Specials

$200 = Minimum

$500 = FFA, 1 Free Play Tray Demo unit & 1 Free Play Kit

$1,000 = 3% discount


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