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About Us 

Little sweet tooth. Adorable girl covering her eyes with two colorful lollipops, pink pano

Son & Associates is your link to games, candy, toys and gifts. We serve single and multi chain stores in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. We have thousands of items to choose from! Son & Associates and our brands take pride in providing quality items and we love to see children having fun while learning. We are quick to react and adapt to the ever changing retail world. Interested in placing an order? We can have one of our award winning reps help you out. Find your rep below. Rather order online? We have that too! Just register below and start having fun!!

Our Team

Kathy Pirtle    

Southern Ohio

Tony Pirtle

N.E. Ohio, S.E. & N.E. Michigan

Jane Schember

N.W. Ohio, S.W. & N.W. Michigan

Bill Stauffer

Central Ohio, Dayton

Charity Nedrow

Western Pennsylvania

Steve Webb

Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia

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