Our Mission


Son & Associates offers quality educational products to our customers. The breadth of products, which range from candy to games, toys, puzzles, arts and crafts, tween items, and baby items allow us to have something for almost everyone. As the market and trends change, so does our offering, allowing us to be a resource for our customers.  Our customer base is as broad as our product offering, allowing us to sell to zoos, farmers markets, aquariums, amusement parks, toy stores, book stores, hospital gift shops, general gift stores, catalogs and candy stores.  

No two stores are the same that’s why we create an individual plan for each store each time we visit. Your plan will maximize your store space and profits by us partnering with you.

Meet our Owners

Ken & Kathy Pirtle

Kathy - President - Kathy has been selling toys for over 20 years. In addition to toys, she is a Professor of Mathematics at Franklin Univestiy and holds a degree in Accounting. This background allows her to fully understand the needs on her customers. She is a game and puzzle enthusiast, a musician and an animal lover.

Ken - VP - Ken is the liaison between the Reps an Manufacturers. He has a degree in Accounting and extensive experience in Franchise sales and Financial & Business Management.  He enjoys entertaining and incorporating many of the products into this area.